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Sagging Tummy Skin can be solved via Abdominoplasty (TUMMY TUCK) – with Dr.Darin Moungthai at The SIB Clinic – Bangkok

Sagging Tummy Skin can be solved via Abdominoplasty (TUMMY TUCK) – with Dr.Darin Moungthai at The SIB Clinic – Bangkok

Sagging Tummy Skin can be solved via Abdominoplasty (TUMMY TUCK) –
with Dr.Darin Moungthai at The SIB Clinic – Bangkok

When the time flies, skin gets sagging. Tighten skin surgery can be solve those problem effectively.

 Previously, I would like to tell you that it’s the review for people interested in tighten tummy. Also, I would like to inform you that how is it different from Vaser Liposuction? Tummy Tuck is the operation that the plastic surgeon removes excess abdomen skin together with fat tissue.

It’s very important that the plastic surgeon has to be well experienced in big operation and being neat in suture. Fortunately, Dr.Darin is who I expected to do with.

Here are Abdominoplasty process;

  1. Marking: doctor marks the patient concern position in order to decide an operation.

  2. Operation: the patient is under general anesthesia then surgeon injects anesthetic into the area again.

  3. Operation: the surgeon makes an incision on tummy area.

  4. Naval Replacement: the naval is replaced to upper position.

  5. Cutting Excess Skin and Tissue: excess skin and tissue that case sagging tummy are removed.

  6. Primary suture: abdomen muscle was sewed.

  7. Close incision: surgeon close the incision and check the overall operation.

After the operation, there might be blood drain bottle to get rid of the blood from the operation and it will be removed after 3 to 5 days.

There is not painful operation because of pain killer, anti-bacterial and swelling reduction medication.

Here are the result of Tummy Tuck at THE SIB Clinic by Dr.Darin.


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Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck is a cosmetic surgery procedure used to reduce abdomen, make it thinner and firm. It usually a technique of excess skin and fat removal which is done from the middle and lower abdomen to tighten the muscle and fascia of the abdominal wall.

Abdominoplasty; the technique is suitable to patient who has lots of fat at the abdominal area and the surface got to be very flaccid. Mostly, it has been taken for patient who recently been through pregnancy and forcefully lose weight. General anesthesia will be applied in the type.

Who should get the Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck?

• Patient who are facing with flabby abdominal surface problem. (This could be male or female)

• Patient who has been through pregnancy.

• Patient who has too much fat accumulated at the abdominal area.

• Patient who has undesirable scars right under the belly.

• Patient who forcefully lose weight that caused to the flabby abdominal surface problem.

• Patient who has no plan to be pregnant in the near future.

Procedures of Abdominoplasty

• Surgeon will take a thoroughly check on muscle flabby and draw marks for operation guideline.
• An incision will be firstly made from hip to hip deep through the skin and fat layers to the muscle right above the public area.
• Another incision is to detach the fascia between the fat and muscle layers at below breast area. In this step, the flabby abdominal surface will be seen clearly.
• Surgeon will start to tighten the fascia wall by sutures from below breast area to pubis area.
• Surgeon will be then refine the skin and fat layers, trim the unwanted skin, and stitch the fat layer with the absorbable sutures.
• Surgeon will give a incision to free the navel from the surrounding skin and reconstruction of the umbilicus. The original umbilicus is sutured into a new hole created by surgeon.
• A dressing of stitch and sometime refine the excess skin.

Pros of the Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck

• It is one of the most famous techniques in this decade due to its pinpoint and predictable result.

• There is a precious few record of side effects from the technique such as septic wound, lacerated wound, etc.

• Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck could be done together with Vaser LipoSelection, therefore the removal of fat in abdominal surface, waist, and hip could also be done in one go.

• The technique is an only way that most effective for those who facing with stretch marks, flabby tummy, and bulge problem.


• It takes 1-4 weeks to be recovered depends on surgical technique and patient’s body condition.

• Patient should avoid heavy lifting for 4-6 weeks after operation.

• Body suit should be used to avoid swelling and bruising. Also, support the repaired tissues.

• Patient should refrain from drinking alcohol and nicotine for at least 1 month.

• Scars may appear prominent and red in the first few weeks, However, scars fully recover will take around 3-12 months after operation.

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